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Where to buy Rotary drum granulator

The rotary drum granulator is taken into consideration as the essential tools in large substance fertilizer manufacturing.
By including a specific variety of steams as well as vapors, resources in the rotating drum will certainly ended up being consistently moist throughout the granulation procedure.

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Rotary drum granulator technical structure

Drum granulator is widely used in fertilizer granulation and iron ore spheroidization. It mainly consists of the following structures:
①rotary cylinder; ②motor; ③retaining ring; ④screen; ⑤belt conveyor; ⑥chute pipeline;
As shown below.

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How much does a rotary drum granulator cost

The rotary drum and agitator 2-in-1 granulator is a molding machine that can manufacture materials into specific shapes. The combination of these two granulation methods makes the granules have a high spheroidization rate, beautiful granules, and save energy at the same time.

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