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Organic fertilizer Rotary drum granulator material

Organic fertilizer rotating drum granulator is mostly made up of consistent feeding part, initially granulation area, additional granulation area, initially vibrant component, additional vibrant component of the mixing tooth, additional cyndrical tube transmission component, the silo as well as shelf area.

Organic fertilizer Rotary drum granulator is a molding equipment that can possibly make product into a certain form. It is just one of the essential devices of the substance fertilizer market, which appropriate for cool or warm granulation as well as automation for low and high focus substance fertilizer. The primary function approach of the rotating drum granulator: aggregation damp granulation modern technology. With a specific quantity of sprinkle or heavy vapor, the standard fertilizer humidifying in the storage container as well as taking place adequate chemical response. Under a specific fluid problems, with the turning of the rotating drum motion, to make sure that create a press pressure in between the product fragments as well as agglomerate into rounds.

We embraces unique rubber lining or acid-resistant stainless-steel lining into the rotating drum, as well as accomplish the works of automated marks as well as tumor elimination, so that you could terminate the typical scrape gadget. This equipment has a lot of qualities such as high balling stamina, excellent look, deterioration resistance, use resistance, reduced power usage, lengthy life span, hassle-free procedure as well as upkeep and so forth.

Rotary drum granulator (3)
Rotary drum granulator

Organic fertilizer Rotary drum granulator attributes:

1, The balling price is greater than 90%, with percentage of return product, little dimension of feed back as well as can possibly be re-granulation;

2, By heavy vapor home heating, it can possibly boost the temperature level of product, to make sure that the sprinkle is reduced after sphere creating, therefore boost the drying out efficiency;

3, With rubber design plastics for cellular lining, basic materials is challenging to stick, as well as contribute in anti-corrosion as well as insulation;

4,Huge ability, reduced power usage as well as upkeep prices.


Functioning concepts of Organic fertilizer Rotary drum granulator:

The primary electric motor own the belt as well as pulley, as well as sends to the owning shaft via the reducer. The respond to open up equipments that set up on the owning shaft involved with the huge equipments that set on the equipment body as well as operate in contrary instructions. The product gets in the cyndrical tube via the feed finish. Via the refining of the unique inner framework, make the products into fragments as well as ultimately move from the electrical outlet. As the product remains to get in as well as constant turning of the granulator, it will have the ability to accomplish automation.